Pumpkin Days Events

Every autumn, the town of Kikinda celebrates the pumpkin. The Ludaja Festival (a variety of pumpkin) takes place during the first weekend in October. Kikinda’s streets are overrun with pumpkins during these festive days. 

Smederevo Autumn Festival is a tourist and economic manifestation held every September and devoted to grape picking and wine making, with defile of medieval knights and rich cultural and artistic program that take place in the famous Smederevo Fortress and on the city squares.

The Honey and Wine Festival is traditionally organized in Negotin on 12th of May.

The festival offers tasting and sales from the vineyards and apiaries, the proclamation of the best wine of the year, souvenir sales and a great program of culture and entertainment. 

Fish lovers have a date in the Serbian Capital City with the “Belgrade Fish Fest”. This gastronomic event brings together cooking, fish tasting and music in a privileged location at the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. It’s the perfect way to enjoy an open-air festival filled with good food and entertainment.

Serbia has been a farming country for centuries and today tradition and science have joined together in what is known as a “Green Revolution” for healthy food production. Organic food lovers should head to Sombor, the greenest town in Vojvodina, where the International Festival of Food and Ethno-Food is held each September. It is the perfect occasion to discover green Serbia and autochthonous products

Since 1987 the traditional tourist and commercial manifestation called “Slaninijada” in which participate the best manufacturers of bacon and sausage from Serbia has been held in village Kačarevo near Pančevo.

Leskovac took its name long ago from its famed hazelnut woods, lešnik being the Serbian word for hazelnut. Today it is better know for its red peppers. The people of Leskovac speak a dialect of Serbian which preserves many features of the Old Church Slavonic language and even many Serbs find the local difficult to understand.

The most popular sausages in Serbia are the ones of the Turija. Kobasicijada is an international festival which has as main attraction the giant sausages.

Sumadijski Tea Recipes

There are many varieties of šljivovica (a distilled beverage made from plums) in Serbia. What is common is the scent of plums, a golden colour and the Central Serbia intoxicating power of a strong liquor. Less alcoholic, but no less tasty, is a drink prepared from šljivovica when the weather is cold. During winter, when a slava (the feast day of a family’s patron saint) is celebrated, the drink of choice is Šumadija tea or mulled plum brandy.

In the Zlatibor district, in the Morava and Rzava river basins, lays the town of Arilje, known throughout the world for its raspberries. Serbia is the world’s second-largest producer of raspberries, a fruit known as red gold because of its nutritional and culinary value. In Western Serbia this red gold is used for juices, syrups, creams, ice creams, cakes and tarts.