This delicious specialty from the Fribourg region is a perfect soup for cold winter days - and a very healthy one - given all the ingredients.  

This hearty soup, pronounced ‘looshcosh’ in Romanian, hails from Ardeal (a region of Transylvanian Romania) and probably comes from the Hungarian soup called lucskos kaposzta.

A great dish of Veneto’s cuisine tradition is the classic but tasty recipe of pasta e fasoi.

For the locals of Veneto beans are related to strength and survival, as they helped families to feed themselves and carry on during hard times of war and famine.

In the 18th century, sheep cheese manufacturies were established in Slovakia: the first one was in 1787 in Detva, and the second one in Zvolenská Slatina in 1797, which is still operating nowadays. Demikát, together with sheep cheese gnocchi, is another Slovak traditional dish, for the preparat

Krkonose Soup Recipes

This is a typical soup in the Krkonose Mountains and the adjacent regions. It is made of bread yeast and served at almost all restaurants in the Krkonose region of the Czech Republic.

Selinka Soup Recipes

Šelinka is a thick soup made from celeriac roots and leaves, potatoes, carrots and spices. A pig's trotter or some other piece of smoked or dried pork meat is often cooked in it. It can be served with polenta. 

Something which is not  yet entirely proven for serious students of linguistics, but is readily apparent to Italophile Austrian gastronomes: the similarity, which is not just a linguistic one, between Austrian dumplings (“Nockerln”) and Italian gnocchi (pronounced: gnoki).

Algarve’s cuisine is a miscellaneous fusion of products from the land and the sea, seasoned with aromatic herbs and drizzled with golden olive oil.

Sour rye soup or żurek is a very traditional and nutritious Polish soup with a delicate and extremely palatable taste.

Cabbage Soup Recipes

The Cabbage Soup with Smoked Ribs (Kapusniak) is a tasty Polish dish prepared from a blend of cabbage, ribs and vegetables. Sometimes Polish cabbage soup is served with fried smoked bacon which adds a special taste to this typical dish.