The Development Society of Gruyères-Moléson organizes the Cheese Festival in the heart of the medieval town of Gruyères.

Gourmet Trail Events

This very special hike has become the culinary highlight of the summer in the Saas Valley, where the highest mountains in Switzerland stand. A real treat for all the senses that combines gastronomy and incredible nature, this Gourmet trail is a magical experience for both palate and spirit.

Saint Moritz Gourmet Festival is one of the most important gastronomic festivals in Switzerland and over the years, it has become a culinary event of international reference, with the presence of important international master chefs. For five days, the Upper Engadin transforms itself into a paradise for foodies.

For centuries the sweet chestnut was the most important staple food in Ticino. Even today the spiny fruit takes center stage at many festivals. This Ticinese specialty, chocolate truffles are enriched with chestnuts, fresh or canned. For even more flavour, add some fine-chopped toasted almonds or fresh-grated nutmeg. 

This delicious specialty from the Fribourg region is a perfect soup for cold winter days - and a very healthy one - given all the ingredients.  

The Bricelet is a classic biscuit from Fribourg and orginiated from ‘The Bénichon’ Festival. The traditional thanksgiving fair serves the biscuity waffles as a dessert. 

A new interpretation of the classic dish “stuffed quail” from the Ticino – the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. A few ingredients make the difference to experience this Ticinese specialty. Buon appetito!

This healthy snack was developed around 1900 by Swiss doctor Maximilian Oskar Bircher-Brenner. It contains oat flakes & condensed milk and can be prepared with grated apples, bananas, sultanas, nuts etc.


Maluns Recipes

A hearty farmer’s breakfast, just like in the good old days. Maluns is one of the best-known culinary representatives of Graubünden’s traditional cuisine, made with boiled potatoes and roasted in butter. A tasty piece of Alpine cheese rounds up this rustic dish. 

Älplermagronen Recipes

This substantial dish consists of potatoes, macaroni, cheese, cream and onions. Älplermagronen is a traditional farmers’ dish and is also referred to as the Swiss Mac ‘N’ Cheese.