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Tarragon potica (Pehtranova potica)

Tarragon Potica

Alongside štruklji, Pehtranova Potica is the most typical Slovenian dessert. It is made with more than 80 different fillings. Potica...Learn More
Bigoli with Duck Ragù

Bigoli with Duck Ragù

Bigoli con L’Arna  is one of the most mouthwatering dishes of Vicenza’s cuisine. This is an ancient recipe which brings us...Learn More
Monte Veronese Cheese PDO

Monte Veronese Cheese

This cheese has its own unique charm: its flavor and fragrance reflects the alpine region where it is made. Learn More

Fromage de Herve

Belgium has a long tradition of cheese making and owes its good reputation to cheeses such as Fromage de Herve. The production of this cheese,...Learn More

Souvlakia (Pork Kebab)

Souvlaki, souvlakia or kebab, irrespective which name you pick, you will get one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus. Souvlakia are small pieces...Learn More

Wine Cellar Open Day

A glimpse behind the scenes of the wine-growers and the processing of the grapes. Learn More
Skellefteå Food Festival

The Skellefteå Food Festival

The Skellefteå Food Festival is northern Sweden biggest culinary attraction that yearly attracts between 60 and 70,000 visitors. It takes place at...Learn More

Palic Wine Route

The entire Palić region lies on sandy terrain near by the prehistoric Pannonian Sea. That’s why wines from this area are commonly referred to...Learn More
Chestnut Festival

Chestnut Festival

The Chesnut Festival offers the chance to taste grilled and boiled chestnut, sweets based on chestnuts, as well as hot distilled "tsipouro" from...Learn More

Cretan Diet Festival

Every summer, the City and the Regional Unit of Rethymno co-organize the “Cretan Diet Festival”, an open-air gastronomic event at the Municipal...Learn More
Beer Festival Ollesummer

Beer Festival Ollesummer

The Ollesummer Festival (Beer Summer festival) is both a music and a beer festival. Bllled as the biggest annual festival in the country, the...Learn More
De Koninck Beer, Antwerp - ©Antwerp Tourism & Congres

Bollekes Route

A "bolleke Koninck" is the best-known product of the De Koninck brewery. It is cherished by every resident of Antwerp and, as a visitor, you...Learn More

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