Traditional Dishes


PGI Salmerino del Trentino...

Typical recipe with the PGI Salmerino del Trentino, cooked in a pan with seasonal vegetables.

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Mantuan Mustard

Mantuan Mostarda with PGI...

With the PGI pears from Mantua you can cook a typical mustard, classic dessert from the city of Mantua.

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Tortelli from Crema

Crema Tortelli

Recognized as one of the Traditional Italian Food Products (P.A.T.), the most famous dish of the Crema food tradition is typically prepared during the town festivals or for other important family events

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Casoncelli from Bergamo

Bergamo Casoncelli

Bergamo’s most famous and delicious filled pasta, recognised as one of the Traditional Italian Food Products (P.A.T.).

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Traditional Bread

When you first walk into a Cypriot bakery you will be overwhelmed with the amazing smell of freshly baked bread neatly lined up, rack after rack of huge village loaves.

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Souvlakia (Pork Kebab)

Souvlaki, souvlakia or kebab, irrespective which name you pick, you will get one of the most popular dishes in Cyprus. Souvlakia are small pieces of pork, skewered and roasted over a slow charcoal fire and eaten with chopped...

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