A festival rich in traditions, during which aspiring bakers are boasting with the world’s largest bread product records. 

Riga Food Events

Everybody is welcome to the "Riga Food" fair to draw inspiration from a diversity of menu ideas, to taste new products as well as to see professional chef, pastry cook and bartender competitions. 

On May 17th the locals of Koknese celebrate the great catfish living in the waters of Perse River, a tradition that goes back in time to mix with the legends surrounding the Koknese castle.

Sabile Wine Festival is celebrated during the last weekend of July since 1999 in honour of the town’s symbol – Sabile Wine Hill. This festival is one of the most awaited events in the small town of Sabile. 

Besides the trading gourmet goods made by local producers, visitors can participate and find out how to celebrate Latvian annual solstice festivities, such as Midsummer. Concerts, creative workshops and activities, traditional food and horse riding are a common thing in the Market.

Rye bread has always been one of the staple foods in Latvian homes and, even today, represents a symbolic component of Latvian national identity. 'Salinātā rudzu rupjmaize' owes its specific character to its recipe and the highly specific technique used in its production, which does not involve the use of baker’s yeast.

Latvian Bread Recipes

Sālinātā Rudzu Rupjmaize is a naturally leavened bread baked in Latvia from rye flour, with scalded flour and ferment being used in the production process. This type of bread is baked in a hearth oven and shaped into an elongated loaf. The technique for making this typical product consists of preparing, cooling and fermenting the scalded flour, kneading and fermenting the dough, dividing and shaping it into loaves and then baking it.

Bread Day Events

According to ancient regional traditions ‘Bread Day’ is the day of new bread. It is when new rye bread is baked from the flour of the first collected crops. For many years now, at the end of July, the Araisi windmill has hosted an annual festival called ‘Bread Day’, an exciting and valuable event that gathers culture, folklore and traditions at the scenic heritage site.

The city of Dobele, in Latvia, is very popular for two reasons: firstly for the large number of days it is filled with sunshine - more than anywhere else in the country; and secondly for the delicious apples produced there that has earned the town the nickname “The Apple Capital”. At the beginning of October, Dobele celebrates a very popular annual festival in honour of this local symbol, with lots of gastronomic activities.