Cheeses are, by excellence, part of the South Carpathians culinary and cultural tradition and its diversity is given by its high pastures and specific production techniques. Our route goes from East towards West along the Cindrel Mountains and passes through stunning places!

A festival rich in traditions, during which aspiring bakers are boasting with the world’s largest bread product records. 

If you love cheese, the area between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is the perfect destination. It's a real foodie heaven where you can enjoy unspoilt nature and indulge your taste buds on the Schleswig-Holstein Cheese Route, which runs for approximately 500 km.

Not to be confused with the Milky Way, the Lower Saxony Milk Route links milking parlours and farms on a 190 km picturesque tour past sandy heathland, marshes and moors, to provide a microcosm of the dairy industry.