Cheeses are, by excellence, part of the South Carpathians culinary and cultural tradition and its diversity is given by its high pastures and specific production techniques. Our route goes from East towards West along the Cindrel Mountains and passes through stunning places!

Apples have long being appreciated for their various health benefits. In Cyprus we celebrate this highly important fruit with a festival, taking place every year in the largest village of the Pitsilia area, Kyperounta village.

Since 2003 the South Tyrolean Bread and Strudel Festival has been offering a vast variety of freshly baked bread and original South Tyrolean apple strudel. 20 bakeries and pastry shops offer local specialties from all areas of the region. The visitors have the opportunity to gain insight into the baking tradition of South Tyrol and to enjoy numerous delicacies made from local products in one of South Tyrol’s most beautiful squares, the cathedral square of Bressanone/Brixen.

Apple Feast Events

Apple lovers should not miss visiting Bratislava region on Saturday, October 11th 2014. Thirteen towns and villages in the surroundings of the Slovak capital will present their best local apple production, including tasty cakes, juices and creative soups. Moreover, musical performances are also part of the event!

This sweet and sour specialty is exceptionally popular with locals and guests alike.

Apple Strudel Recipes

Lo strudel, štrudl, štrudla and štrukli – these are the names given by our neighbours in Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic to this sweet dream of light pastry and its juicy filling. But in English, the only word which has made it into common use is the German “Strudel”. That is a powerful signal of just how famous the Viennese Apfelstrudel has now become internationally.

Polish Goose Recipes

If you want to try traditional Polish cuisine, look at the delicious recipe of Goose Stuffed with Buckwheat Groats and Apples. The most important ingredients are goose and apples, which add an unmistakable flavor to this typical dish. You will discover what a true pleasure it is to savour this  cuisine.

It was 990 A.D. when Archbishop Sigeric wrote down the 79 stages of his journey "de Roma usque ad mare" (from Rome to the sea) during his way back from Rome to the Episcopal seat of Canterbury (Durovernum in Latin), his birthplace.

The city of Dobele, in Latvia, is very popular for two reasons: firstly for the large number of days it is filled with sunshine - more than anywhere else in the country; and secondly for the delicious apples produced there that has earned the town the nickname “The Apple Capital”. At the beginning of October, Dobele celebrates a very popular annual festival in honour of this local symbol, with lots of gastronomic activities.