The festival, at its second edition, aims to promote the local food culture from Southern Transylvania. The visitors will have the opportunity to discover and understand the authentic local gastronomy, both food and seasonal recipes, through seven culinary events.

Apples have long being appreciated for their various health benefits. In Cyprus we celebrate this highly important fruit with a festival, taking place every year in the largest village of the Pitsilia area, Kyperounta village.

This pear is cultivated and handled in La Rioja since 16th century. The 'Pears from Rincón de Soto' is the first PDO awarded for pears cultivated in Spain.

During the summer many fruits ripen, so they have also become part of the traditional Slovak recipes. The cooked dough dishes are some of the most popular among them, where besides gnocchi and  noodles, potato dumplings with fruit belong to. Many different kinds of fruit can be used for its preparation, but the most common are cherries, strawberries, apricots, plums and  blueberries.

Glyko Karydaki Recipes

"Glyka tou koutaliou" are sweet preserves served in a tiny spoon as a gesture of Cypriot hospitality.  These spoon sweets are made from unusual fruits and vegetables, like figs, cherries, watermelon peel, walnuts or almond stuffed baby aubergines. They are often flavoured with cinnamon or pelargonium leaves. A wonderful sweet treat enjoyed with a Cypriot coffee or a glass of cold water.

We welcome all people which appreciate delicious food and good time in natural surroundings to an all day event in the heart of Slovenia. The event every year attracts hundreds of food enthusiasts. Red threads of event are culinary products from strawberries and asparagus, homemade goodies and display of traditional handcrafted items.

The city of Dobele, in Latvia, is very popular for two reasons: firstly for the large number of days it is filled with sunshine - more than anywhere else in the country; and secondly for the delicious apples produced there that has earned the town the nickname “The Apple Capital”. At the beginning of October, Dobele celebrates a very popular annual festival in honour of this local symbol, with lots of gastronomic activities.