La Rioja


In the Rioja town of Haro, an unusual fiesta is held on 29 June, the feast of San Pedro: the Battle of Wine.

For one week, Calahorra,"Town of Vegetables", becomes a major gastronomic forum and meeting place for Spain's best cooks. Throughout the week, and using the best quality vegetables, they produce the most innovative and appetizing dishes and snacks are produced and taste the best Rioja wines. Calahorra plays host to a fantastic festival at which gastronomy is the star.

Wine Battle Events

After a brunch and a mass the wine battle can begin. During which everyone throw and spray thousands of litres of wine over each other using a motley collection of containers and utensils. The white clothes worn by the combatants gradually changes to the colour of wine and the surroundings are dyed wine-coloured. After the battle the survivors return to the town where the traditional dance around the Plaza de la Paz, next to the Town Hall of Haro, takes place

Aceite de La Rioja is a Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive tree farming is rooted from times ago in Rioja Media, the Cidacos and Alhama Valleys. This quality brand protects the extra virgin olive oil produced, processed and bottled in La Rioja. The acidity of the oil is less than or equal of 0.8 grades and has a fabulous organoleptic property.

Chorizo Riojano Products

The PGI protects the Chorizo in the shape of string or cylindrical horseshoe, elaborated in enterprises that have the control of the production, maturing and drying, and quality of the raw material. The high quality raw materials and the traditional production give to the Chorizo Riojano special characteristics.

The climate plays an important role in the cauliflower's cultivation and La Rioja region has the best climate for that. The cauliflower is solid and compact, the color is between white and cream, and has a diameter of 11cm, with well-shaped green leaves. The harvest has to be handmade and delivered to the warehouse in less than 12 hours.

This pear is cultivated and handled in La Rioja since 16th century. The 'Pears from Rincón de Soto' is the first PDO awarded for pears cultivated in Spain.

Camerano Cheese Products

Camerano Cheese is an old tradition in Sierra de Cameros. Nowadays, the cheese is produced in the same way but with new tools. This PDO protects the quality of the cottage, soft, semi-matured and mature cheese. All of them are made with milk from goats fed with natural vegetation and products of the region.

Vegetables, mushrooms, Arab sweets and wine therapy combined with thermal water are the protagonists of this complete food tour through La Rioja

La Rioja is a region well known worldwide for its quality wines, but wine in this land is more than a drink. Wine is culture, tradition, history, architecture and, above all, a way of life that you can discover on this route for this land with wine name.