Bassano is a small and lovely town not far away from the city of Palladio, where a precious white plant grows up every spring, becoming the main protagonist during Easter – the asparagus.

Eggs and Asparago Bianco di Bassano DOP represents one of the most typical dishes of the Veneto province. The dish is an example of a simple but tasty regional recipe and goes very well with white wines.

Dutch Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus has rightfully earned itself nicknames such as ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’. It is indeed a very flavourful vegetable, which is traditionally harvested and enjoyed from the second Thursday in April.

Panna Cotta Asparagi di Santena is different type of panna cotta

The typical Flemish asparagus is white, as it is grown covered in soil to prevent photosynthesis. This prevents the asparagus turning green and results in a taste a little sweter and much tenderer than the green asparagus. It is generally harvested from late April to early June. In Flanders, due to the short growing season and demand for local produce, asparagus commands a premium and the asparagus season is highlight of the foodie calendar as it is often nicknamend "white gold".

We welcome all people which appreciate delicious food and good time in natural surroundings to an all day event in the heart of Slovenia. The event every year attracts hundreds of food enthusiasts. Red threads of event are culinary products from strawberries and asparagus, homemade goodies and display of traditional handcrafted items.

The Baden Asparagus Route certainly lives up to its name, as seasoned connoisseurs are well aware, and it now has mecca status for the asparagus elite. Covering almost 136 kilometres, the route runs from the asparagus-producing town of Schwetzingen via Reilingen, Karlsruheand Rastatt to Scherzheim.

This tender asparagus is a spring delicacy. Highly appreciated for its delicate flavour and its diuretic properties.

In spring the white asparagus from Bassano reigns supreme on local tables.

Asparagus is one of the most important products in German Gastronomy and during “asparagus season”, between April and June, it stars in a lot of seasonal dishes. One of the most interesting destinations to taste authentic German asparagus is Lower Saxony, the “country of asparagus”, where one in five Germans grow it.