A food and wines exhibition with the best products of the area of Southern Piedmont will be organized between 5-8 December 2015.

Ortinfestival is a lively gastronomic festival that celebrates vegetable gardens and the products of the earth, where to indulge in food pleasures - from ancient traditional recipes to gastronomic cuisines of the world, the finest wines and craft beers, street food and exotic specialties, organic products and innovative recipes. 


Polenta is a cornmeal mush mixed during its cooking with different cheeses and butter. It is a very simple and tasty dish,  popular in Piedmon and Lombardy regions (Italy).

Panissa, popular in Northern Piemonte (Italy), is a peasant dish made with rice and beans (a kind of risotto), which is quite rich and can work well as a one-course meal. 

Panna Cotta Asparagi di Santena is different type of panna cotta