Biggest festival of sweets in Hungary is also an event recorded by the professionals throughout Europe. The sweetest weekend of the year is held at Buda Castle in the middle of September every year since 2011.



A visit to the village of York, in North Yorkshire, is a must for chocolate lovers. Every year the Chocolate Festival takes place in honour of its namesake; chocolate, one of most iconic gastronomic products in the city with a really long history. In fact, in 1781 the city boasted 8 chocolate confectioners for its 17,000 inhabitants, a fact that says everything about a tradition that is still very much alive today.

In the center of Portugal, Óbidos is one of the most beautiful villages in the country, with a large and well preserved castle crowning it. Óbidos is internationally recognized because of its Chocolate Festival, which for several weeks of the year transforms this medieval town into a genuine showcase of cakes and sweets, a paradise for sweet lovers.

The second Belgian edition of the Salon du Chocolat will take place between the 5th and the 7th of February 2016 in Brussels Expo in Brussels. Fans of chocolate (everyone), be ready!

Nearly 30.000 visitors were attracted to the event in just 3 days in 2014, who came to admire the work of master chocolatiers and sample chocolate and sample chocolate in all its forms at the world´s largest chocolate event.

If you have a sweet tooth, visit the annual chocolate festival in the Italian town of Perugia, which is without a doubt, a dessert lover’s paradise! Get your chocolate in the regular bar variety or try some chocolate liquor, hot chocolate, or even a chocolate kebab!

At the end of October, chocolate lovers should head to Salon du Chocolat in Paris, a worldwide event that hosts more than 550 international participants and attracts thousands of visitors who, together, celebrate the magic of chocolate. Chocolate and pastry show demonstrations, conferences, courses and a Chocolate Fashion Show are just some of the activities that visitors can enjoy at this five day long chocolate experience!

Radovljica hosts the largest chocolate festival, and the only of its kind, in Slovenia. Every year producers from across Slovenia present their products at the festival together with a variety of cooking shows, workshops and presentations. As sweet as it gets!

The Austrians are convinced that the word “Gugelhupf” origins in the Middle High German “gugele” (monk’s hood) and “hopf” (yeast). It might also come from the Alsace “Kouglhof”, though, a sweet dish which, according to legend, the Three Wise Men carried with them.

The Chocolate Festival is an event especially dedicated to chocolate and all the chocoholics! Since 2009, it has grown to become Britain’s biggest chocolate event in London. 
So whether you visit the Festival with friends, family or your partner, you’ll find all the ingredients for a chocolicious day out: a chance to taste, shop, relax and indulge in the yummiest chocolate bars. 

The Chocolate Festival in Hamrun, a chocoholic’s delight, turns the use of chocolate into an art form.

New recipes are prepared, a wide variety of chocolate products can be bought and an interesting array of chocolate sculptures can be viewed during this tantalising event.