General information

The Gruyere Route is simply incredible and allows visitors to discover two iconic Swiss symbols: Gruyere cheese and Swiss chocolate.

Not only this, but during the trip, travelers have the chance to discover magic landscapes, walk across green meadows, with herds of cows and authentic alpine huts covered with wooden slats. This is the fantastic region where one of the most popular cheeses in the world is produced, the Gruyere. The trail is full of dairies where one can discover the cheese making process and taste its authentic flavor.

But this route is also a place for relaxation. Right at the start of the route, in Charmey, this diverse trail runs past the tempting wellness and fun thermal baths, an absolute must-do. After Charmey, Lac de Montsalvens surprises guests with its fjord-like bays, before being swallowed up on the other side of the dam wall by the spectacular Jaunbach Gorge, where its real highlight lies. Wooden walkways, tunnels and rock galleries, little waterfalls and polished rocks make this adventurous section a family-friendly excursion.

The little medieval town of Broc, with its imposing 13th century castle is then visible from afar. At its foot, Maison du Gruyere invites travelers to discover the legendary Gruyere cheese. Exhibiting fragrances and flavors, it is a complete sensory experience.

Broc is an authentic paradise for those with a sweet tooth, because it is home to several chocolates factories, where visitors can appreciate the different phases of the chocolate making process and discover the history of this Swiss gastronomic tradition.

And if this is still not enough excitement for one day, visitors can take the cable car to the vantage point on the summit of Mount Moléson and bring the day to an end whilst enjoying the incredible views.