General information

This substantial dish consists of potatoes, macaroni, cheese, cream and onions. Älplermagronen is a traditional farmers’ dish and is also referred to as the Swiss Mac ‘N’ Cheese.


1. Heat oven to 100 °C

2. Boil potatoes in a saucepan without lid for 5 minutes. Add Älplermagronen (Alpine Macaroni) and cook them “al dente” until the liquid is almost absorbed.

3. Pour cream over potatoes and macaroni, season to taste. Alternating with cheese, place the Älplermagronen in layers into the dish. Top with cheese.


Bake: approx. 10 minutes in the center of the preheated oven until the cheese has melted. 



unsalted butter for frying

2 onions, cut in rings

2 tablespoon very fine semolina or flour 

Melt the butter. Mix onions and flour, shake off extra flour. Fry in butter at medium heat for about 5 minutes until crisp. Place onions on paper towels and keep warm