General information

Originated as typical farmers’ breakfast in German-speaking Switzerland, it became a popular Swiss national dish throughout the country. Each region established its own distinctive way of cooking Rösti, a dish consisting mainly of potatoes.


1. Boil potatoes the previous day. Peel when still warm. Let cool and keep covered in the refrigerator. Slice finely the next day and salt potatoes slices.

2. Heat in frying pan with butter, add the potatoes, turn and push with a spatula to form a cake

3. Spread milk over potatoes and reduce heat. Cover frying pan with a well-fitting lid or a large plate. Fry for 30 minutes until a crisp brown crust has formed. Invert the Rösti cake on the lid or plate; slide the unbaked side of the cake into the frying pan. Bake uncovered for another 10 minutes. Slide it onto a Rösti platter or invert it with the help of the lid and place on the warmed plate.


IMPORTANT: Never flip the Rösti dish with a spatula if you want to obtain a beautiful Rösti cake.