The Bierzo Enotourism Wine Route concentrates all the tourist attractions in the Bierzo region around the world of wine.

Since ancient times, the lands of Bullas have been given over to wine growing, as we can see from the sculpture of the Child with Grapes in the Roman villa at Los Cantos and the abundant documentation that has come down to us. In the town centre alone you can still find the buildings or traces of over 200 traditional wineries, most built in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

“Açores Gastronomia Viva” it’s a food festival that aims to promote Azorean gastronomy and products combining them with modern cuisine techniques, while developing the vocational skills of the school trainees.

The 2 School Chefs, Sandro Meireles and Pedro Oliveira, host 4 friend chefs to prepare together 2 different top quality tasting menus paired with great Portuguese wines. 

The town of Cangas del Narcea in Asturias, Spain hosts a celebration of the region’s ancient wine-making tradition every October. 

The streets are filled with stalls selling traditional products and showcasing local crafts. Visitors can also participate in the many activitries scheduled for the Festival. 

Long-time vinicultural traditions come alive during this event bringing together some of the best local and international wines.

The 2014th Edition of the Catalan Wine and Cava Fair in Barcelona is a great place to taste wine from more than 70 cellars at one of the most celebrated street fairs in the city!

Làctium Festival draws on the huge gastronomic variety on offer in the city of Vic, which transforms into a gastronomic benchmark for dairy products during those two days. The Festival is a great attraction for foodies and the cheese-loving public who would like not only to taste them, but also to learn how to cook with dairy products. 

The Festa de la Verema del Bages celebrates the region’s vineyards and wine. The old quarter of Artés turns into an open-air stage, where the town pays tribute to the longstanding viticultural traditions of Bages.

The Festa del Most of La Granada is one of the most popular wine festivals in the Penedès region. It is held in October to celebrate the end of the grape harvest. As in other towns in the Penedès region, the culture of wine has had a major impact on the calendar of festivals and events, and the huge importance of the vineyards and wine is reflected in such traditional celebrations as this festival dedicated to wine must.

The Slovenian region of Istria is one of the leading wineproducers in the country. The fertile soil and climate of Istria are perfect for wine producing and because of it, many varieties of grapes – both red and white – grow in the region.