Delicious fish soup can be tasted at the cooking competition of the International Fish Festival in Szeged. Besides the tasty food, visitors can enjoy concerts, many interesting programs, the arts and crafts fair and the fireworks during the festival.

From year to year more and more vineries check in the Wine Festival of Szeged, which became the biggest wine festival in Hungary. Apart from wonderful festival locations, there is a wide range of concerts and other music programs: headliner band Quimby, famous hungarian pop stars Charlie, Csaba Vastag,  Andrea Szulák, Laci Gáspár and Freddie from the Eurovision Contest.

What is a Hungarikum? Distinguished by their uniquely Hungarian nature, normally of ultimate quality and excellence, and now protected by a great deal of legislation, the Hungarikum is a Hungarian good or product . A large number of items fit into this category, from Salami and recipes, to wines and spirits. Hungarikum also covers non-edible items such as Porcelain from Herend and Halási Lace, not to mention breeds of cow, sheep and dog. Come and learn about them all!