Every summer, the City and the Regional Unit of Rethymno co-organize the “Cretan Diet Festival”, an open-air gastronomic event at the Municipal Garden.

The Great Bath Feast is a melting pot of wonderful flavours and lively personalities, of cakes and ale, of great gourmets and warm gastro pubs, of buns and cook books, of gastro gadgets and wine and food matching. It is a month long Food Festival where all of the participants are keen to share their enthusiasm for fine food and drink with you.

The Bordeaux Wine Festival is for those who love wine and food and like celebrating them both in a wonderful atmosphere. It is a four-day-long event focuses on the wines from the Bordeaux and Aquitaine Regions. It is the perfect occasion to experience the world of wine culture in its varied manifestations and to also discover the architectural beauty of Bordeaux (listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), its cultural assets and the surrounding vineyards.

Dürkheim Sausages Fair (Wurstmarkt) is internationally well known as the world’s biggest wine festival and is one of the most popular culinary feasts in Germany. The event has a long history of nearly six hundred years and it mostly celebrates the excellent local wines with a lot of tastings. In fact, the region is the largest wine region in the country.

Boasting Germany's biggest wine procession, the German Grape Harvest Festival in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is the highpoint of the German wine festival season.

Wine Battle Events

After a brunch and a mass the wine battle can begin. During which everyone throw and spray thousands of litres of wine over each other using a motley collection of containers and utensils. The white clothes worn by the combatants gradually changes to the colour of wine and the surroundings are dyed wine-coloured. After the battle the survivors return to the town where the traditional dance around the Plaza de la Paz, next to the Town Hall of Haro, takes place

Trdlofest Events

A day full of a traditional cake "trdelnik", wine and good mood...

Vinitaly Events

Exhibition of wines and spirits in Verona.

Vinska Vigred is a traditional tourist viticultural and cultural event, which takes place in the old town of  Metlika and extends to three days.

A journey through the southwest of Asturias to discover the very special quality wine from the Cangas de Narcea area produced through the so-named “heroic viticulture”.