Sabile Wine Festival is celebrated during the last weekend of July since 1999 in honour of the town’s symbol – Sabile Wine Hill. This festival is one of the most awaited events in the small town of Sabile. 

Kranj is a picturesque historic town above the confluence of two alpine rivers – the Sava and the Kokra. Due to its geographical position – on the junction of important routes, leading from the Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea and from the Western Europe towards the Eastern Europe – Kranj is also a strong commercial centre. Being the fourth biggest city in Slovenia, Kranj is the industrial, employment, traffic, educational, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska.

Smederevo Autumn Festival is a tourist and economic manifestation held every September and devoted to grape picking and wine making, with defile of medieval knights and rich cultural and artistic program that take place in the famous Smederevo Fortress and on the city squares.

Previously known simply as the Rosé Marathon, the event is now more firmly linked with the name Fröccs Festival (fröccs being a kind of wine spritzer) and with Villány, a town famous for its fruity rosé wines. The Conga-dancing and musical parade are fuelled by plenty of it (raspberry lemonade for the children). Points are awarded not for speed but for the creativity of costumes.

An appealing evening and night action hopping around wine cellars and testing Moravian wines.

Trepat Feast Events

Trepat Feast is pairing wine and art in an environment of unquestionable beauty such as the different portals of houses and other landmarks of the ancient town of Cronca de Barbera, characterized by its narrow streets, with well-maintained and typical building houses. 

VÍVID is a new festival tied to the world of wine and which has a larhe programme of activities during the month of April.

This ancient Madeira wine making tradition, annually promoted in the local village of Estreito de Câmara de Lobos, combines various cultural activities with wine making rituals, such as the picking of the grapes, the carrying of grapes to the press and other traditions related to a typical Madeira feast, which are fully enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.

The Honey and Wine Festival is traditionally organized in Negotin on 12th of May.

The festival offers tasting and sales from the vineyards and apiaries, the proclamation of the best wine of the year, souvenir sales and a great program of culture and entertainment. 

The Taste of Antwerp is the biggest culinary festival in Antwerp. The festival has been substantially growing every year. The great selection of participating top restaurants, the beautiful location next to the Schelde, and the creative execution (decoration, fresh herbs, wooden plates) make this festival one of the top culinary festivals in Belgium.