A total of 2,000 chefs from over 25 countries come together in Istanbul to participate in the International Gastronomy Festival. This is an annual world-class event that offers a new perspective on Turkish Gastronomy and has become a meeting point where experts can share their knowledge, experiences and culinary art of both Turkish and international cuisine.

A typical Christmas dish is the roasted hen turkey with pomegranate.

The dish dates back to the Renaissance, and more specifically to the magnificent banquets of the Serenissima Republic. 

Hünkar Begendi was created during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz, for his special guest Empress Eugenie, the wife of Napoleon the Third.

The name of this dish literally translates as “liked by the Sultan.” The chef kept on asking the Sultan and the Empress if they liked the dish, therefore the name got stuck as “liked by the Sultan.” In fact the Empress liked it so much that, she asked for the recipe and took it back home with her.

Çardak Kebab Recipes

This tasty recipe made with lamb meat is a typical Turkish dish. It may be served in a hot crepe.

This Turkish delight is made of layers of filo pastry, Antep pistachio and syrup, and it requires great skill in production. ‘Antep Baklavasi’/‘Gaziantep Baklavasi’ is characterized by a dense taste and a unique aroma that comes from the pistachio and the butter, two of its main ingredients. If it is well prepared, it will immediately melt in the mouth.