Central Hungary


The Gourmet Festival is considered to be the most prestigious event on the Hungarian gastro calendar, giving visitors the perfect opportunity to taste some of Hungary’s most renowned chefs’ creations. The event endeavours to provide a comprehensive range of high-end Hungarian cuisine by bringing the general public closer to the country’s best restaurants, wineries, gourmet shops and confectioneries.

Over the past years the Budapest International Wine Festival has truly come of age and is now one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Hungary.

Pálinka, a special type of brandy made from a variety of fruits, is one of the most traditional drinks in Hungary. There are several events that celebrate pálinka but one of the most authentic and well known is the Budapest Pálinka Festival. During this four-day event visitors can taste over 300 different types of pálinka and sample a few Hungarian delicacies to accompany their pálinka all in a truly great atmosphere.