General information

The Chocolate Way is the first structured network at European level focused on chocolate and involves Institutional partners, prestigious museums in Brussels, Bruges, London and Academies and Universities in all Europe. Obviously there are experts and famous chocolatiers from all over Europe, and judges of important international chocolate events. Major chocolate events and exhibitions are as well members of The Chocolate Way.

The Chocolate Way itinerary wants to emphasize the artistic and cultural European heritage.

Chocolate is cultural heritage, and the route aims to promote intercultural dialogue by ensuring citizens participation in cultural life. It is a model of sustainable economic development, emphasizing the true value of work. The chocolate theme favors the promotion of dialogue between traditions, historical places, different people and countries rediscovering traditional production techniques.

The Chocolate Way is an itinerary that offers the discovery of chocolate from York to Sicily, through Spain, France and Belgium, giving you a full chocolate experience thanks to the greatest chocolate museums, the best chocolate boutiques and themed hotels, and thanks to the biggest chocolate festivals. The Chocolate Way also provides a scientific approach to cocoa thanks to the universities and institutions involved in the route.

Visitors can discover the origins and the history of cocoa, from South America to Spain up to the European courts, follow the steps of the production of handmade chocolate and taste the most delicious pralines.

Why not make the experience even more exciting staying in the best themed hotel: The Chocolate Way provides this too!