General information

On the second Sunday in March, on the scenic shores of Lake Muralto, the Fish Festival takes place. The event is a nice tradition that starts at dawn with fishing competitions, and as the day progresses, it becomes a lively festival which includes fish tasting, music, entertainment and games for children. In case of rain, the festival is postponed until the following Sunday, always with the aim of being enjoyed with incredible lakeside views.

For visitors, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy the traditions of this Swiss canton bordering Italy and enjoy the incredible surroundings. The lakeside walk at Muralto is about 1 kilometer long and is characterized by the presence of Mediterranean and sub-tropical examples of plant life set in gardens.

Among the most important Romanesque churches in this area, San Vittore in Muralto is one of the most significant examples. As well as the impressive architecture, the church has preserved a series of ancient frescoes and a wealth of sculptural decoration. At one time there was also a castle in Vicolo dei Muralti, but today there are only traces of its existence.