General information

The Bollekesroute has two possible starting locations. Either you start at the Kasteel Rivierenhof tavern, or at the De Koninck brewery itself, on Boomgaardstraat. Here you will also find two typical Antwerp pubs, i.e. De Pelgrim and Afspanning De Hand. Not far from the brewery you will discover the charming Koning Albertpark. The first stone gallows was installed here in the 15th century, as a result of which it was known as the 'Galgenveld'. On the corner of this park and Mechelsesteenweg you can still see the original boundary marker with a raised left hand. The same hand is found in the logo of brewery De Koninck.

Other must-see spots on and along this route are Park Spoor Noord and the Mechelsplein. Park Spoor Noord is an old industrial site of the National Belgian Railways Company (NMBS), recently converted into a magnificent contemporary urban landscape park. The Mechelsplein on the other hand is known for its high cultural quality and countless terraces on sunny days. The square features a statue of author Willem Elsschot. The poem 'Een Minimum' is painted on one of the side walls along the square. It is written by Ramsey Nasr, the second city poet of Antwerp.

The route also takes you through the Sint-Annatunnel, better known in Antwerp as the 'Voetgangerstunnel' (Pedestrian Tunnel). This tunnel under the river Scheldt connects the left and right banks for numerous cyclists and hikers in the city. The wooden escalators, elevators and specific acoustics are bound to leave a special expression.

Built at Brouwersvliet in 1552, the Waterhuis was capable of supplying 20 breweries with brewing water. Sixteen breweries were located at Brouwersvliet in the 16th century. As a resident of Antwerp, it was best not to drink any water at the time, due to the many germs.

In short, on this relaxing bicycle tour you will discover the city of Antwerp in all its facets. You will ride alternatively through open parks and the historic city centre, along and under the river Scheldt, along the port and beach. If you see an entertaining oub or a quiet spot on your trip, do not hesitate to take the time and simply enjoy.

Starting location:

  1. De Koning Brewery
    Few Antwerp companies have such an intimate relationship with the city and such a rich tradition as the De Konink brewery. It is no surprise then that a bolleke Koninck has become part and parcel of a visit to the city of Antwerp. In spring 2015 (June) a big interactive Beer Experience Center will open in the buildings of De Koninck Brewery.
    Address: Mechelsesteenweg 291, 2018 Antwerp -
  2. Provincial Domain Rivierenhof
    Rivierenhof is a vibrant park offering lots of possibilities. Located just outside the centre of Antwerp, this domain is one of the great locations allowing a quiet walk, culture, play or sports amidst greenery.
    Address: Turnhoutsebaan 232, 2100 Deurne -