Puszta & Lake Tisza


Delicious fish soup can be tasted at the cooking competition of the International Fish Festival in Szeged. Besides the tasty food, visitors can enjoy concerts, many interesting programs, the arts and crafts fair and the fireworks during the festival.

Good wine accompanied by good music: nourishment for body and soul! This is all you need for a “gastro-jazz” jamboree. The 2016 installment of the oldest continuous annual jazz festival will pair up with the most popular wine festival of the Northern Alföld region to feature 33 jazz bands and 50 top-ranked Hungarian wineries to enchant jazz buffs as well as wine lovers. 

From year to year more and more vineries check in the Wine Festival of Szeged, which became the biggest wine festival in Hungary. Apart from wonderful festival locations, there is a wide range of concerts and other music programs: headliner band Quimby, famous hungarian pop stars Charlie, Csaba Vastag,  Andrea Szulák, Laci Gáspár and Freddie from the Eurovision Contest.

The internationally acknowledged festival, recorded in the book of world records as well, is a genuine fiesta; the celebration of fish soup and friendship taking place on the second Saturday of July. 

Between 9th and 11th September 2016, spend a couple of days at the feast of wines and organic meals in Hajdúszoboszló, the spa town of the Great Hungarian Plain!

The Organic Food and Wine Festival of Hajdúszoboszló is a traditional autumn gastro-cultural event of this Hungarian holiday resort, where the locally prepared food specialities made of organic ingredients and the wines of the finest Hungarian wineries take the forefront.


Join hundreds of visitors interested in the cultural and gastronomic traditions of this unique area of the Southern Great Hungarian plain. Teams of sausage makers have to create the ultimate raw sausage against the clock, and a party atmosphere ensues as they compete for a small number of top places. Visitors can watch the fun and sample authentic local food and drink.

Used initially as an ornamental plant and a medicinal herb, this Hungarian ground paprika has exceptional qualities and its production has reached industrial proportions over the years. Thanks to its aroma and flavour, it has become a principal spice in Hungarian cuisine.

Serving the popular Hungarian drink, pálinka, is a sure way to gather Hungarian people around a table. This special brandy, made from various fruits, is a real favourite of Hungarians and a gastronomic icon. There are a lot of different varieties of pálinka, depending on the region where it’s produced.

The ‘Makói vöröshagyma’ or ‘Makói hagyma’ is a type of onion which has been grown in Hungary for several centuries. Its excellence is very much appreciated and stands out due to its typical strong and spicy taste and its firm, dense flesh. It can be stored for a long time and its content values throughout winter.