The Cheese and Wine Fest represents a long and rich tradition of cheesemaking in Bohinj valleys and brings to the public a fabulous wine selection of Slovenia.

Kravji Bal Events

Kravji Bal is the greatest fest of Bohinj’s municipality. It’s a traditional event that has been presenting over the last 60 years the local tradition, habbits, food and artifacts. It’s one of Slovenia's greatest events. On a day before, on Saturday, there is a great Cheese and Wine fest which starts at noon and ends at midnight, so you can have rest for the Kravji Bal.

Kranj is a picturesque historic town above the confluence of two alpine rivers – the Sava and the Kokra. Due to its geographical position – on the junction of important routes, leading from the Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea and from the Western Europe towards the Eastern Europe – Kranj is also a strong commercial centre. Being the fourth biggest city in Slovenia, Kranj is the industrial, employment, traffic, educational, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska.

In close proximity to Radovljica, the village of Ljubno was once an extremely important centre of pottery. Although the craft died out in the 20th century, living memories of its 'Ljubno bowl' still remain.

Radovljica hosts the largest chocolate festival, and the only of its kind, in Slovenia. Every year producers from across Slovenia present their products at the festival together with a variety of cooking shows, workshops and presentations. As sweet as it gets!

On the banks of the rushing Kroparica Stream, in the shade of the forested Jelovica Plateau, one of the major iron-forging Slovenian centres lies hidden away: Kropa. Every year, in July, the town celebrates a typical festival focused on the centuries-old iron-forging tradition where visitors can enjoy the preserved iron forgers' cuisine, customs and excellent singing.

Honey is one of the most important basic culinary products in Slovenian and the town of Radovljica is widely considered to be the hometown of Slovenian beekeeping. Every year, the town celebrates its Honey Festival, an antique tradition that is more than 130 years old. It’s the perfect occasion to discover the genuine Slovenian honey and visit Radovljica’s Old Town, one of the best preserved medieval structures all over the country.