The Night of the Great Thirst, is organized every two years and aims to promote these the Gueuze and Kriek beers both at home and abroad. The Festival is also known to draw the attention of the local population thanks to the unique character of these regional products.

Leuven can rightly consider itself a beer city, but, beginning on the last weekend of April, the city aims to transform itself into a beer capital or, to use the official slogan, “the place to beer”.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Discover three typical shops where you can taste delicious house specialties.

Delicious Waregem is a culinary exploration of the town centre of Waregem, a cosy and green shopping and sports town in the southwest of Flanders, between Kortrijk and Ghent. A guide takes you on a walk through Waregem and shows the main sights on the route.

A "bolleke Koninck" is the best-known product of the De Koninck brewery. It is cherished by every resident of Antwerp and, as a visitor, you cannot leave Antwerp without having tasted it. In addition, the large bell-shaped glass is perfectly suited to taste a Bolleke on a terrace or at the bar of an Antwerp pub, the ideal setting for this delicious route through the city of Antwerp!

The 58 km long Golden Carolus Route guides you from Brewery Het Anker in Mechelen to the whisky distillery De Molenberg in Blaasveld (Willebroek), where the brewery distills the Gouden Carolus Single Malt, and back through beautiful nature and stunning landscapes. In the city centre of Mechelen you'll discover, among other things, the Beguinage and the Palace of Margaret of Austria. And on the car-free towpaths along the rivers and canals, cycling is a true blessing.

Is it very hard for you to make a choice between the various Hasselt specialties? Then you should definitely try out the Happetijtje!

Toer de Geuze Events

During this10th edition of the Toer de Geuze, the Lambic breweries and Gueuze blending houses open their doors to the public. 

Leuven Beer Month closes with what may turn out to be the most interesting event of all: the two-day Leuven Innovation Beer Festival, organised by brewer André Janssens of Hof Ten Dormaal. 

Bruges and gastronomy have long been inextricably linked. The city counts no fewer than 12 Michelin stars so it has the right to call itself the Mecca for gourmets. At Kookeet over twenty top Bruges chefs introduce you to some highly diverse gastronomic gems.