General information

October is the month of pumpkins, particularly in the town of Kikinda, located 135 km morth of Belgrade. For 30 years, this three-day pumpkin festival (Ludaja Festival), one of the most famous events in the region has been held in honour of the pumpkin, which in the opinion of local growers is one of the most abundant agricultural plants. Between 9-11 October, Kikinda will once again attract around thousands of pumpkin-lovers. They come to see the largest pumpkins grown in Serbia this year.

The three-day programme of this year's jubilee 30th Pumpkin Days festival, in addition to a carnival, concerts, popular and scientific lectures on pumpkins and competitions between growers , will also offer a wide variety of flavours of this universal ingredient that everyone loves when it's prepared in some way. There's will be a parade and a fair with food on the town square.