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When visiting the Flemish city of Geraardsbergen (Grammont), true foodies simply cannot leave without having tasted the mattentaart, devotedly...Learn More
Lemon Festival

Lemon Festival

La Fête du Citron® (Lemon Festival) is a unique event in the world, which attracts more than 160,000 visitors every year – a number which is...Learn More

Kraski Med Honey

The varied flora of the Slovenian Karst area, its particular geo-climatic conditions and its lengthy beekeeping tradition, which go back a very...Learn More
Carlsberg Breweries' Visitors' Centre

Copenhagen Beer Festival

The Beer Festival in Copenhagen is a not-to-be-missed event for beer enthusiasts and attracts thousands of revellers each year. It’s a unique...Learn More

Wine Growing Region of Goriska Brda

Cherries in spring, wine in autumn. Today, clonal varieties, Chardonnays, Sauvignons, Beli Pinot (Pinot Bianco), Sivi...Learn More
Apples from Kent

The Via Francigena

It was 990 A.D. when Archbishop Sigeric wrote down the 79 stages of his journey "de Roma usque ad mare" (from Rome to the sea) during...Learn More
Wine Battle

Wine Battle

After a brunch and a mass the wine battle can begin. During which everyone throw and spray thousands of litres of wine over each other using a...Learn More
The Arlanza Wine Route

The Arlanza Wine Route

Come and feel the essence of Castile. The Arlanza Wine Route is situated in the south of the city of Burgos...Learn More
Pancake Festival in Prejmer

Pancake Festival

During February each year, before the beginning of the Easter Lent, the Pancake Festival takes place in Prejmer, Brașov County. This is a...Learn More
Hills of Dolenjska

Wine Growing Region of Dolenjska

Meeting the unique Cviček! Several grape varieties grow in Dolenjska, with Žametovka as the basis, Modra Frankinja,...Learn More
Beef in cream and vegetable sauce

Beef in Cream and Vegetable Sauce

The name itself derives from the cut ‘svíčková’, which is sirloin of beef, but some people argue that other cuts can be used. Also it is debatable...Learn More
Boccaccesca Certaldo

Boccaccesca Food and Wine Festival

The 17th edition of the festival features products and tasty delights from Certaldo. Learn More

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