The Bordeaux Wine Festival is for those who love wine and food and like celebrating them both in a wonderful atmosphere. It is a four-day-long event focuses on the wines from the Bordeaux and Aquitaine Regions. It is the perfect occasion to experience the world of wine culture in its varied manifestations and to also discover the architectural beauty of Bordeaux (listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), its cultural assets and the surrounding vineyards.

Tokají is a famous wine region in Hungary and Slovakia. It is well known all over the world for its Tokají Aszú, a dessert wine that Louis XIV called “Wine of Kings, King of Wines”. The Tokají Wine Route introduces visitors to the magical landscape of Tokaj and its unique, deep underground cellars, carved into the rock, where such wines have been produced for thousands of years.

In the corner of Switzerland, the region of Lake Geneva offers an infinite diversity of scenery and inexhaustible possibilities for gourmet food lovers. In fact, it is among the world’s most reputed gastronomic regions. Thanks to its privileged situation at the heart of Europe, the region has developed a particularly open and cosmopolitan mind, as is reflected in its exceptionally rich and varied food culture.

Masopust Events

Winter Carnival will be celebrated in many Czech villages with lots of masked parades and dancing. There is one region that is especially worth a visit towards the end of carnival, when Masopust takes place; a traditional festivity that widely celebrates food. Since 2010, the annually celebrated Masopust, which takes place in Hlinecko, has been placed on the UNESCO list of world heritage sights and traditions.