Austrian Wine Routes

Austrian wine culture means much more than simply drinking good wine. Take the opportunity to visit vineyards, a lane of wine cellars, or travel along one of the picturesque wine trails.

The reason why Styrian fried chicken in particular is so famous has a lot to do with the “Sulmtal Geflügel” (“Sulmtal poultry”), which is now undergoing something of a revival. Since the 17th century, this name has been given to the particularly fleshy capons and poulards which proved highly popular amongst the nobility of Europe. During the Habsburg Monarchy, this delicious poultry was even supplied to markets on the far side of the Alps, as far away as Trieste and Marburg.

This pork pot roast is one of the most popular dishes of Styria, a state located in the southeast of Austria. Grated apple, horseradish and caraway potatoes are used in this recipe, which give it a delicious and gratifying taste.

Salt Trail Routes

The salt route is an amazing journey that mixes culinary and non-culinary secrets about salt, which has a long and fascinating history. Visitors will have the chance to discover the region’s special salt, called “white gold” for its positive effects on health (it doesn’t have a negative impact on blood pressure) and for its good taste. They will experience many adventures, such as visiting the world’s oldest salt mine and descend into the mine via two miners’ slides.