olive oil


Visitors will be able to learn about, taste, and buy the highlighted product of the event—the extra-virgin olive oil—as well as other local specialties. There are various activities related to olive oil production and health. During the fair, prizes will be awarded for the best oil in Les Garrigues. The fair is held at Les Borges Blanques (Western Catalonia) in January.

Aceite de La Rioja is a Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive tree farming is rooted from times ago in Rioja Media, the Cidacos and Alhama Valleys. This quality brand protects the extra virgin olive oil produced, processed and bottled in La Rioja. The acidity of the oil is less than or equal of 0.8 grades and has a fabulous organoleptic property.

Besides wine, the other product that symbolises Priorat is the olive oil. The cultivation of olives has been taking place for thousands of years in this area, as a complementary crop to wine, or in certain villages of the region, as the main agricultural product.

We would like to invite you to get to know how this extra virgin olive oil is made, its characteristics and the various oil mills or presses which make up the Olive Oil Route. 

Fair held at Les Borges Blanques (Western Catalonia) in January with extra-virgin olive oil as the star attraction.

The Festa de l’oli d’Ullastrell gives you an opportunity to try the olive oli agricultural heritage of the region by the native varieties of Bequeruda and Arbequina. While the Arbequina olive is known throughout the whole Catalonia, the Arbequina of Ullastrell tastes different to those of the regions of Tarragona or Les Garrigues.

The Olive Oil Festival in La Fatarella is about local food produced by artisans such as producers of olive oil and sausages. The event includes a breakfast (clotxa and hazelnut cake), a garlic sauce preparation, a craft show with traditional products and several gastronomic conferences.

The Siurana Oil Fair in Reus is an event created in 1997 during which the main producers of extra virgin olive oil of Siurana Protected Denomination of Origin present collectively the new oil of the season. 

The "Valpolicella", "Euganei-Berici" and "del Grappa" Extra Virgin Olive Oils are different types of olive oils, but all with a fruity taste and a slightly bitter hint.

On March 08-09, Krasica, a picturesque village in the vicinity of Buje, will host the 17th "Oleum olivarum", one of the oldest olive oil fairs in Croatia. Over time, the event  has developed into an international festival, attended by scientific-research institutions, olive growers and olive oil manufacturers from Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.

The "Olive Tree Routes", with the Region of Messinia (Peloponnese – Greece) as a starting point, are heading for all the Mediterranean countries, following the olive tree marks on civilization, local tradition and landscape. Their goal is to internationally promote the olive tree route landscapes and the traditional products of the Mediterranean, for the benefit of olive oil producing regions and sustainable development.