Quiche Lorraine Recipes

The Lorraine has a variety of flavours on offer, such as bergamot oranges, madeleine cakes, sugared almonds, deseeded jam with duck, and of course, famous mirabelle brandy. Discover one of its specialities, quiche, accompanied by wines from Moselle or the Côtes-de-Toul AOC.

Mirabelle Cake Recipes

Mirabelle, the "golden fruit", is known for being sweet and full of flavour. Have a look at this popular recipe and you'll understand why French pastries are so famous.

Located on the edge of the Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park, with its dense forests, pink sandstone rocks and orchards, Phalsbourg is full of attractions for both walkers - and food lovers. Because Phalsbourg's heart lies partly in Lorraine and partly in Alsace its traditional cookery is filled with the flavours of Eastern France -the Regional Foie Gras Festival is a good example!