The traditional holiday of Spodnja Idrija attracts many visitors and pilgrims every year. The centre of the celebration is the picturesque church of Our Lady of Assumption, known as Marija na Skalci (Mary on the Rock). A solemn mass is given there every year, followed by a great local feast. According to an old tradition,’štruklji’ (dumplings) were cooked, small wreaths were made, all accompanied by dancing and singing in the whole village.

Idrija and its vicinity excel in offering very tempting dishes, desserts and drinks. The most famous culinary specialty is ‘idrijski žlikrofi’, one of the most important local and national traditional dishes. Made of dough, filled with potato stuffing and formed in a specific shape,  served with ‘bakalca’, a sauce of mutton and vegetables, ‘žlikrofi’ is a delicious and refined treat.

This cultural event offers plenty of entertainment, traditional food and an authentic charcoal competition.

One of the best ways to discover the flavours and sensations of traditional Slovenia is by taking the Goriška Brda Wine Road, that introduces visitors to the amazing vineyards of the region, beautiful villages with well preserved old towns and traditional Brda cuisine (mainly composed of vegetables, herbs, olive oil, homemade meat products and white polenta) closely connected to the famous Brda wines