“Taste the Mediterranean” is a unique gourmet and cultural Festival that presents the Mediterranean food and way of life. The Festival gathers famous international chefs and local cooks, food and wine producers, sommeliers, nutritionists, artists, journalists and foodies.

Nin was one of Rome’s biggest salt producing locations and this gave Nin tremendous wealth at the time. Salt harvesting in a traditional manner using sunlight and wind is the oldest economic activity in Nin. Nowadays, at the end of the salt harvest season in August, the Festival of Salt takes places in honour of this cultural heritage.

Every year on the third Sunday in July a unique gastronomic event and contest is held in Nin, where each family presents their Sokol (a dried/cured pork neck meat product) to the public and to the jury who announces the winner of the annual event.

Black Risotto Recipes

This Croatian dish is very popular in the Dalmatian Islands and is usually made with rice in addition to the seafood. Dyed black thanks to the cuttlefishes' ink sacs, the preparation of this recipe requires constant attention and care.