The Carp Fete is a 3-day artistic and culinary event organised every year the first weekend of July on the Market Square in Zator. 

The „Carp Route”, located in a Carp Valley, Małopolska province, covers the historical fish-farming area spreading for hundreds of hectares along the valleys of the Vistula and Skawa Rivers. Located in Oświęcim and Wadowice district, consists of seven communes: Zator, Przeciszów, Osiek, Polanka Wielka, Brzeźnica, Spytkowice, Tomice. The main goal of the „Carp Route” is promotion of the fish farming, which has been run here since 13th and 14th centuries, and it’s products, in particular carp.

Have you ever tried carp cooked on a forked brunch? You have a chance in Croatia.

This carp from the South Moravian region is very valued by its culinary properties and its excellent growth capacity. Furthermore, it is characterised by its resistance and excellent state of health.