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In the beginning of summer, German people prepare to receive and taste one of its most tasty seasonal products: asparagus. A gastronomic product which is prized because of its water and fiber content, it’s an authentic pleasure for gourmet food lovers. For those who want to try authentic German asparagus, there’s no better way than to join the Lower Saxony Asparagus Route, a trip for foodies through "the country of asparagus"

The ideal time to explore this route is the “asparagus season”, that goes from late April to late June. And the best time to taste them is during collection, when they are removed, sold and served in different variations for consumption, starring numerous recipes and seasonal dishes.

The best way to get around the land of the asparagus in Lower Saxony, one of the most important crop areas in the country, is by bike, cycling through the fields.

Asparagus fields characterize the large areas of landscapes from March onwards. The stud is removed, depending on the weather, from late April to late June ( 24th , St. Joan’s Day) .In May and June, when the asparagus flowers grows, fields are glowing and after harvest until the fall, asparagus fields are recognized by their green plants with red berries.

The Asparagus Route combines the enjoyment of nature and a characteristic landscape with exhibitions and visits to markets to buy fresh asparagus and spend time with locals, tastings and other life experiences, such as asparagus collecting or experiencing Lower Saxoy as its best at the “Asparagus Sunday” festival in Lüchow, a trip on the “Asparagous Express” in Bruchhausen-Vilsen or the asparagus market and Asparagus Cup equestrian tournament in Kirchdorf.

But the Asparagus Route offers other charms beyond asparagus, with its strikingly beautiful landscapes. Immersing in the green heart of Lower Saxony is always a pleasure with lots of possible activities: sports, fishing, berry picking, mushroom gathering or excursions into the vast forests, through its extensive heaths and marshes, are some of the recommended experiences.