Dutch Meatballs Recipes

In Holland, a night out in the town, or a social event with coworkers, usually start out at a local café, with a beer or two and something to snack on. This "something" is called a "bittergarnituur". The word is translated into English as the slightly confusing "garnish for bitters", where bitters in this case refers to alcoholic beverages.

Dutch Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus has rightfully earned itself nicknames such as ‘white gold’ and ‘queen among vegetables’. It is indeed a very flavourful vegetable, which is traditionally harvested and enjoyed from the second Thursday in April.

Oliebollen, literally translated as grease balls, are deep fried dough balls, studded with raisins and currants and sweetened with a generous dusting of powdered sugar. It is traditional to serve oliebollen with coffee during Christmas and New Year's Eve in Holland. Oliebollen are good cold too, with a hot cup of coffee and some extra powdered sugar. With this recipe, one can make about six oliebollen.