Rosalia Festival — an easy-going welcome of summer, street food and live concerts in the heart of the most famous park of Budapest!

Pálinka, a special type of brandy made from a variety of fruits, is one of the most traditional drinks in Hungary. There are several events that celebrate pálinka but one of the most authentic and well known is the Budapest Pálinka Festival. During this four-day event visitors can taste over 300 different types of pálinka and sample a few Hungarian delicacies to accompany their pálinka all in a truly great atmosphere.

The special flavours of traditional Hungarian cuisine are produced by the combination of tasty high quality ingredients and specific methods of preparation. Enjoy this recipe!

Try this delicious goose liver pate dish, representative for the Hungarian cuisine.

Chicken Paprika Recipes

Hungarian cuisine is a synthesis of ancient Asiatic influences mixed with Germanic, Italian and Slavic influences. It is considered to be a melting pot of the continent, with its own original cuisine from the Magyar people. Chicken paprika is one of the most famous Hungarian stews, which is a simple but tasty dish made with chicken, onions, sour cream, flour, tomatoes, peppers and paprika.