The traditional holiday of Spodnja Idrija attracts many visitors and pilgrims every year. The centre of the celebration is the picturesque church of Our Lady of Assumption, known as Marija na Skalci (Mary on the Rock). A solemn mass is given there every year, followed by a great local feast. According to an old tradition,’štruklji’ (dumplings) were cooked, small wreaths were made, all accompanied by dancing and singing in the whole village.

Cherries in spring, wine in autumn.

During this traditional two-day wine Festival in Šempas visitors can enjoy wine varieties provided by more than 60 winemakers from all three Slovenian wine regions, as well as some neighboring countries.

Considering its sunny location and abundance of natural products, Vitovlje is known for its unique chestnut called maronni, famous at home and abroad.

The traditional event 'The Polenta Festival' takes place in Ozeljan, in the beautifully laid out castle garden every year, in July.

The lower Vipava Valley lies between the picturesque edge of Trnovski gozd and the relatively steep karst slopes on the border between the alpine and Mediterranean regions.

The warmth of the Mediterranean Sea flows from the Friuli-Venezia Giulia plains, nurturing the vines and sweetening the grapes, while the cool nights foster the pleasant bouquet of the wines.

Jestival Events

JESTIVAL is a must-taste event focused on “Kobariški štruklji”, a traditional local dessert. The festival programme includes conferences and cooking workshops which will take place at Kobarid’s central square. Gourmet food and drinks will be accompanied by good music. Delicious, educational and entertaining!

Idrija and its vicinity excel in offering very tempting dishes, desserts and drinks. The most famous culinary specialty is ‘idrijski žlikrofi’, one of the most important local and national traditional dishes. Made of dough, filled with potato stuffing and formed in a specific shape,  served with ‘bakalca’, a sauce of mutton and vegetables, ‘žlikrofi’ is a delicious and refined treat.

This cultural event offers plenty of entertainment, traditional food and an authentic charcoal competition.