Food Festival is a gathering point for everyone interested in food, a place where you will be entertained and challenged. It gathers the best Danish and Nordic breeders, growers and chefs who aspire to create high quality food in balance with nature. Food Festival will fill your stomach as well as your heart and mind. Come an enjoy food delights in Aarhus on September 2th 2016!

The Kerteminde Cherry Festival takes place every year on the 3rd weekend of July in Kerteminde.The festival offers art, music, culinary taste experiences and more exciting entertainment for your senses, all under the motto: "See, listen and taste".

Frikadeller is the Danish national dish and it is very easy to prepare. Frikadeller are flat, pan-fried meatballs made of beef and pork. A typical Danish Frikadeller dinner includes Danish red cabbage, Danish cucumber salad, sugar brown potatoes and brown gravy. 

In Denmark, these world-famous sticky delights are called Vienna Bread (wienerbrød), as they were first made in Denmark in 1840 by Viennese chefs. Danish pastries rose in popularity over the centuries and are now a firm favorite of most Danes.