Czech Republic


Czech cuisine is known for the amount of sweet dishes that visitors happily eat for dessert or as a main course. These sweet cheese and strawberry dumplings are a good example of the delights of Czech cuisine.

Easter Stuffing Recipes

The whole Easter period is full of traditional dishes in Czech Republic. The traditional dish for Holy Saturday is Easter Stuffing and a sweet loaf called ‘mazanec’. There are many different names for this stuffing recipe depending on which region you are in, as well as many variations.

The name itself derives from the cut ‘svíčková’, which is sirloin of beef, but some people argue that other cuts can be used. Also it is debatable whether the sauce is ‘svíčková ‘ sauce or just cream sauce, without the presence of the right cut of beef. As if that isn’t enough, the same amount of dispute comes from the opinion whether the meat should be cooked separately or steamed alongside the vegetables, whether to add mustard, and whether to blend the sauce or push through a sieve.