General information

Those who really know how to use ingredients such as wild berries, mushrooms, herbs, self-hunted hares or self-fished fish in the kitchen have a date to attend the Wild Food Challenge. This international event is a culinary wild food competition with several locations around the world, out of which some European.

The event arrives in the Finnish village of Tuusula on 12th of September.  With similar goals at all stops, the challenge is to create the best dish with at least one wild ingredient. It can be hot, cold or a liquid dish… any form of cooking creative is permitted. The spirit of the event is to teach and practice sustainable culinary adventures and increase the using of wild and domestic raw materials in gastronomy and to enjoy cooking with wild food.

The event includes a Wild Food Buffet, drinks and lots of entertainment.

The competition judges are shown that entrants have used at least one raw material that is wild or self-wild collected, fished, hunted or grown in participants’ own garden. The dish may be cold or hot, starter, main course or dessert. The judges use points to score the raw material, effort, taste and presentation.