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Maizes diena Araisos

Katru gadu jūlija beigās Āraišu vējdzirnavās tiek svinēti Jēkabi – Maizes diena.  Jēkabi pēc senām tradīcijām ir jaunās maizes diena, kad no pirmās nokultās labības miltiem tika cepta jaunā rudzu maize. Āraišu vējdzirnavās - vietā, kur tika malti milti, - atbilstoši senajām latviešu tradīcijām kopīgi tiek godināta maize un tās cepējas. Uz vietas tiek cepta maize un stāstīts par tās gatavošanas procesu, tāpat arī katrs apmeklētājs tiek aicināts nogaršot tikko cepto maizīti. 

 ‘Bread Day’ (Jerakabi) is celebrated each year at the end of July in the Araisi windmill in Gauja National Park. The Araisi windmill (which was built in the mid 19th century and restored in the 1980’s) is not only a scenic heritage site with a rich history; it also plays an important role in promoting milling and baking traditions in Latvia.

‘Bread Day’ is an annual festival that gathers the region’s finest bakers and local producers as well as heritage experts, tourists and many others who are interested in traditions and customs.

According to ancient traditions, Jekabi is the day of new bread; when new rye bread is baked using the flour from the first collected crops. At the Araisi windmill, the place where flour is ground, bread and bakers are celebrated according to old Latvian traditions. Here, bread is baked and stories about its making processes are told, and everyone is more than welcome to try some freshly baked bread.

The highlight of the festival is the trip along the Loaf’s Path, which shows participants the processes of bread making from grain to the baker. Visitors can buy a wide assortment of bread, gingerbread cookies, pretzels and other traditional products. Furthermore, there is a collection of almost 900 bread labels on display.  

All festival’s activities are accompanied by musicians playing bagpipes, drums and the fiddle. There are also various folklore groups who play traditional games for visitors to enjoy.