General information

The Food Festival is a folksy and professional gathering point for all food enthusiasts - food interested consumers, children with a taste for sweets, prominent Danish and international cooks, manufacturers, scientists, communicators, debaters. More than ever, the Danish population is realizing what a great amount of ingredients and products the Danish nature can provide. It is the vision of Food Festival to spread the message of the Nordic gastronomy and the Danish ingredients both national and international.

With 27,000 guests and more than 250 professional contributors, Food Festival 2013 exceeded all expectations and was a great success. In 2014, new knowledge and educational food experiences are served at Tangkrogen and once again, the audience is involved through playing, tasting and learning.

 Quotes from former visitors:

“Really creative. You can tell that people have had the chance to be creative. It is so cool and a great experience under such great settings” Anonymous guest (translated from Danish).

 “I love Food Festival. It is nothing less than fantastic. Creative and amazing atmosphere marks the entire festival. Thank you so much”. – Anonymous guest (translated from Danish).

  Quotes from former contributors:

“One of the great advantages for me to be on the festival is to meet the consumers, but in fact it is also to meet and engage with the other producers” – Hanne Gundersen, Eco- grower of vegetables, Barrøw & Trutti (translated from Danish).

 “As a developer it is very interesting to be here and get responses from people instead of sitting behind an office desk thinking about what is relevant and putting it through tests” – Mads Østergaard Christensen – Arla Foods (translated from Danish).