Discover this gourmet festival which takes place during the month of April in all the restaurants of Bouillon and the nearby villages.

In Slovakia, the most popular freshwater fish are carp, trout and pike. The Christmas Eve table could not lack fish, with carp being the most frequently chosen one. On the other hand, Slovak forests provide plenty of different kinds of edible mushrooms and they are usually prepared with meat, scrambled eggs, soups or sauces.

The National Trout Festival in Ciocăneşti, held each year in August, on the feast of the Assumption, continues Bucovina’s tradition of presenting the gastronomic delicacies prepared out of trout. This festival is recognized at national and international levels as being the only trout festival in Europe.

The lake trout “swims across” national borders and makes itself at home in deep, oxygen-rich lakes: in northern Russia, in Scandinavia, in the Baltic states, in Iceland. And of course, in Austria’s lakes. The sea trout is truly a globetrotter. In past times, it was the main fish to be found in Austrian lakes such as the Weissensee or the Millstätter See. And it is a great favourite with Austrian chefs and gastronomes.