Zurich Veal Recipes

Thinly sliced and sautéed veal, topped with a delicious gravy made with onions, white wine, and cream is a traditional dish and goes particularly well with another Swiss specialty, the Rösti. It was invented by the Zurich guilds, centuries ago.

The Swiss Pizza is thin, light and has crispy dough. It is topped with potatoes, crème fraîche, spring onions and thin slices of our rich Vaud sausage. The succulent cabbage sausage from Vaud, ‘Saucisse aux choux vaudoise’ was born in AD 879 and still enjoys great popularity to this day.

Rösti Recipes

Originated as typical farmers’ breakfast in German-speaking Switzerland, it became a popular Swiss national dish throughout the country. Each region established its own distinctive way of cooking Rösti, a dish consisting mainly of potatoes.

Fish Festival Events

Defying the last days of winter, Sagra di San’Andrea in Murano is held every year. It’s the perfect occasion to gather outside after the long cold winter and enjoy music and cheerfulness, with tasty fish delicacies. The "Fish Festival" is a traditional date featuring a fishing competition starting at dawn, and music, games, an aperitif and lunch for everyone, all in a relaxed atmosphere.

Over the years, this national event has become a must in relation to top-quality products for all those who appreciate good food.

Folk Market Events

The market is the best way to discover a region and its inhabitants, season after season. In Bulle, the season for the folk market is summer.

Cheese Fondue "Half-and-half" is a Swiss national dish renowned throughout the world. The reason for its popularity is not only due to the ambiance which is created, but also because it tastes so good. To nibble during the meal, organize some appetizers such as gherkins, pickled onions or olives. 

Sweet Kisses Recipes

During the more than 400 years since Columbus became the first European to see cocoa beans, Switzerland has come to the forefront of chocolate manufacturing worldwide. Swiss chocolatiers have created such delights as truffles, pralines, cakes, and mousses… Swiss chocolate is great on its own, or with an espresso, a sweet wine, whisky or a Cognac, and on any conceivable occasion.

It was 990 A.D. when Archbishop Sigeric wrote down the 79 stages of his journey "de Roma usque ad mare" (from Rome to the sea) during his way back from Rome to the Episcopal seat of Canterbury (Durovernum in Latin), his birthplace.

In the corner of Switzerland, the region of Lake Geneva offers an infinite diversity of scenery and inexhaustible possibilities for gourmet food lovers. In fact, it is among the world’s most reputed gastronomic regions. Thanks to its privileged situation at the heart of Europe, the region has developed a particularly open and cosmopolitan mind, as is reflected in its exceptionally rich and varied food culture.