A great dish of Veneto’s cuisine tradition is the classic but tasty recipe of pasta e fasoi.

For the locals of Veneto beans are related to strength and survival, as they helped families to feed themselves and carry on during hard times of war and famine.

Bigoli con L’Arna  is one of the most mouthwatering dishes of Vicenza’s cuisine.

This is an ancient recipe which brings us back in time of 16th century, when the Holy League defeated the Ottoman Empire in the famous Battle of Lepanto.

To remember the glorious victory, Pope Pio V (and subsequently Gregorio XIII) established a feast called Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated by the locals of Veneto with this special dish every first Sunday of October. 

Pastitsio Recipes

Makaronia tou fournou is baked pasta with meat dish, similar to macaroni cheese with white bechamel sauce.