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Polenta e Osei Recipes

Polenta e Osei is probably the most representative dish of Vicenza’s traditional cuisine.

The recipe contains simple ingredients and its secret lies in a long and low heat cooking. The meat has to be moistened during the whole cooking process and the heat has to be uniformly distributed. 

A typical Christmas dish is the roasted hen turkey with pomegranate.

The dish dates back to the Renaissance, and more specifically to the magnificent banquets of the Serenissima Republic. 

Bassano is a small and lovely town not far away from the city of Palladio, where a precious white plant grows up every spring, becoming the main protagonist during Easter – the asparagus.

Eggs and Asparago Bianco di Bassano DOP represents one of the most typical dishes of the Veneto province. The dish is an example of a simple but tasty regional recipe and goes very well with white wines.

Capons are often used in the traditional cuisine of Vicenza and Capon ala canevèra is a dish that is usually prepared in winter, during Christmas holidays.

But what is the canevèra? It’s a kind of pipe used as a blowhole during the cooking process in the oven, so the meat can keep all its taste. 

A great dish of Veneto’s cuisine tradition is the classic but tasty recipe of pasta e fasoi.

For the locals of Veneto beans are related to strength and survival, as they helped families to feed themselves and carry on during hard times of war and famine.

Bigoli con L’Arna  is one of the most mouthwatering dishes of Vicenza’s cuisine.

This is an ancient recipe which brings us back in time of 16th century, when the Holy League defeated the Ottoman Empire in the famous Battle of Lepanto.

To remember the glorious victory, Pope Pio V (and subsequently Gregorio XIII) established a feast called Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated by the locals of Veneto with this special dish every first Sunday of October. 

The "Valpolicella", "Euganei-Berici" and "del Grappa" Extra Virgin Olive Oils are different types of olive oils, but all with a fruity taste and a slightly bitter hint.

This tender asparagus is a spring delicacy. Highly appreciated for its delicate flavour and its diuretic properties.

In spring the white asparagus from Bassano reigns supreme on local tables.